Inspiration®, InspireData™, Kidspiration®
Resource/Lesson Plan Books

Standards-based teacher resource/lesson plan books make it easy to integrate Inspiration®, InspireData™, Kidspiration® and visual learning across the curriculum. Teachers get practical ideas and step-by-step directions. Students engage in activities that encourage learning, thinking and creating.

The Thinking Classroom: Using Inspiration® to Meet Curriculum Standards


The Thinking Classroom: Using Inspiration® to Meet Curriculum Standards is designed to support teachers as they help students develop their critical thinking strategies. Each of the book's six sections includes an overview of a key cognitive strategy and its application in the major curriculum areas of language arts, science and social studies.

This innovative teacher resource book takes a new approach by offering in-depth explanations of visual learning's role in mastering fundamental thinking skills:

  • Determining cause and effect
  • Making comparison
  • Decoding ideas
  • Generating questions
  • Evaluating information

Kidspiration® in the Classroom


Kidspiration® in the Classroom offers 32 standards-aligned lesson plans in reading and writing, science, social studies and math. Step-by-step lessons make it easy to effectively integrate Kidspiration into any curriculum. Lessons are specifically designed for grades K-5.

Many of the lessons make use of the 75 activities included in Kidspiration. Additional ready-to-use activities are available online.

Each standards-based lesson includes:

  • An illustrative overview
  • Related learning standards
  • Description of preparation and required materials
  • Step-by-step lesson guide

Developing Data Literacy with InspireData™


Designed by educators, Developing Data Literacy with InspireData™ offers 27 content-rich, standards-aligned lessons to help teachers incorporate InspireData into their science, mathematics and social studies curriculum. Each hands-on lesson contains step-by-step instructions that can be easily adapted for students in grades 4-12 (age 9-adult), working individually or in teams.

Help students become engaged as they explore and analyze data with these innovative standards-based lesson plans!

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