InspireData®  Testimonials

"The e-Survey tool and other new features in InspireData 1.5 are very useful, especially in a classroom with many students, few computers and limited time. This software is invaluable to me because of the quality and depth of thought and analysis it allows my students to experience."

Glenda Schmidt
Chemistry Teacher
Slidell High School
Slidell, LA

"Visually representing data using InspireData plots helps students make inferences and draw conclusions. InspireData makes it easy for students to work with data, and keeps them focused on data analysis rather than the task of graphing."

Linda Townsend
Instructional Technology Design Specialist
Longwood University, ITTIP
South Boston, VA

"InspireData is fantastic! The visual aspect of InspireData makes data more meaningful, and will greatly improve students' data literacy."

Ann Johnston
Instructional Technology Specialist
Lincoln Intermediate Unit No. 12
New Oxford, PA

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