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i>clicker® REEF Polling

A New, Mobile-Optimized Engagement System

Take a look at the beginning of a digital teaching platform to engage students and how REEF Polling can make an impact in the classroom within minutes.(Play Video Here > )


    • Set up in under two minutes

      • Instructors are able to create a REEF Polling account and set up courses from within the instructor software. Instructor accounts can also be used as a student account to test the experience as an instructor and a student.
    • Smart voting options

      • Instructors can easily use multiple choice, numeric and short answer questions. Students can answer polling questions using the keyboard entry options on their smart devices, laptops or their i>clicker 2 remotes.
    • View participants

      • Instructors view a list of students (participants) that have joined the class and can also use this option to see which students have responded to a question.
    • Send image setting

      • Instructors can choose to send a screen capture of their questions when polling opens, or wait until after polling is closed to send the screen capture. By default, the question is sent when polling is stopped.
    • View past sessions

      • Students can view a list of past sessions. Clicking on the past sessions allows students to review all of the questions asked during the session as well as their answer, the correct answer (if provided), and the class results. The past session feature is a great study guide that requires no extra work by the instructor.
    • View Results

      • Instructors view a chart indicating how many students responded to each answer choice. Instructors can view previous questions, compare questions, and click a bar to select one or more correct answer. Correct answers are sent to student devices.
    • Register an i>clicker remote

      • Students can register an i>clicker remote when they create a REEF Polling account. When a remote is registered, students can use that remote to answer questions in class. Students that use a remote to answer questions can view the questions and answers after class the same as if they answered questions in class using a smart device or laptop. This makes for a great hybrid experience.
    • Excel report

      • When viewing the questions within a session, instructors can Export an Excel report. The Excel report includes a summary of the questions asked during the session as well as reports on each individual question asked. A simple CSV option can also be selected as the export format.
    • Manual LMS export

      • Instructors will be able to export their grades as a CSV file formatted for import into their LMS. Please speak with your i>clicker Specialist regarding the LMS in use.
    • Technical Specification

    • What are the minimum system requirements for the instructor application?

    • Most computers purchased within the last 3-4 years will work well with REEF Polling. REEF Polling is compatible with the following operating systems:

      • > Windows: Windows 7 or newer
      • > Mac: OS X Mavericks (10.9.5) or newer
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