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Education Overview


Ideal for classroom settings, i>clicker provides user-friendly technology that enables instructors and students to interact dynamically in minutes.


i>clicker is a flexible, easy-to-use student response system that allows teachers and students to make real-time decisions about academic progress.


Quickly and easily monitor concept mastery, collect instant feedback, conduct test prep, differentiate instruction, address special needs, and make class interactive!


i>clicker’s hybrid solution provides the freedom of choice in the classroom to meet the needs of every instructor and student.

      • > Remotes

        • Our well-designed conventional remotes easily make class interactive when Wi-Fi signals on campus are questionable or instructors have academic concerns about the use of smart devices in class.
      • > Smart Devices

        • i>clicker GO turns laptops, tablets, and smartphones into engagement tools, and can be accessed through any device that supports a web browser or through the iOS or Android app.
      • > Hybrid

        • While increasing numbers of students own smart devices, access and availability of use is not ubiquitous. i>clicker offers conventional remotes and web-based options that work alongside each other in the same class.

        i>clicker is a plug-and-play system that requires no installation, allowing busy educators to focus on using the technology in meaningful ways.

      • > Simple

        • Our solution includes and requires no installation. A floating toolbar sits on top of any presentation for convenience. What’s more, we offer seamless integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS) and full feature compatibility with both Mac and PC.
      • > Reliable

        • The base receiver avoids signal conflict with nearby classrooms and Wi-Fi networks. Instantly logs, stores, and grades responses for fast, efficient polling. Plus, we also offer a web-based solution that works seamlessly alongside remotes.
      • > Pedagogical

        • Built by educators, our comprehensive resources include case studies and scholarly articles. And for your convenience, you can enjoy complimentary webinars, world-class support, and a user community.
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