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      Considering Every Participant

    • At i>clicker we strive to meet the needs of all participants including those with disabilities. Ensuring that our products are compliant with accessibility standards is a top priority. Here is how i>clicker benefits participants with accessibility:

      • > REEF Polling is a browser-based voting application specifically focused on the needs of participants with disabilities.
      • > The i>clicker web site and remote registration page is fully 508-compliant, providing alt+ tags and properly labeled forms throughout the registration page.
      • > Visually impaired individuals find that the buttons are easy to navigate, especially when using the raised battery compartment as a tactile reference point. If further assistance is required, we supply free Braille stickers to be placed alongside the buttons. And finally, NEW vibrating clickers give blind participants evidence of vote confirmation through vibration they can feel. Please contact to request Braille stickers or to order a vibrating remote.
      • > Color blind and low vision participants further benefit from the LED patterns. A steady green light indicates the vote was received, while a blinking red light indicates the vote was not received.
      • > All participants enjoy the inherently accessible design of 6 large buttons with raised letters. The LED patterns notify the participant when the remote is on/off, battery power is low, and if the vote was received.
    • For more details on how i>clicker meets the needs of all individuals, please download our VPAT document.

    • VPAT Guides:

    • VPAT Guide i>clicker
    • VPAT Guide i>clicker +
    • VPAT Guide i>clicker 2
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