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Key Benefits

    • Rich Content Gallery

      • The redesigned eBeam Scrapbook Gallery makes it easy to browse through subjects and curriculum resources. The pullout window expands when you need to find tools and templates and allows you to drop items on the page as objects or send them to the background.
    • From Windows to Mac and Back Again

      • It doesn’t matter if half your school runs Windows and the other half Mac. The sleek new Scrapbook interface is available on Linux, Mac and Windows and has consistent, powerful features. Your best language science lesson created or captured on a Windows computer transfers seamlessly students and colleagues who only use Macs. Oh, you run Linux? We’ve got your back.
    • eBeam Integration

    • eBeam Classic Receiver

      • This eBeam beta software plays seamlessly with eBeam hardware products. NOTE: users need to uninstall shipping software if they wish to try the beta software.
      • eBeam offers educators a truly accessible path to interactivity. Our technology translates everything that happens in the projected space into digital content, making any flat surface interactive—your existing whiteboard, a display with connected computer or your classroom wall. Our products are designed to work with the hardware, software mobile and peripheral devices you already have.

    • Downloads

    • By downloading the software you accept the eBeam Labs end-user license agreement.
    • Download (Mac) >>>
    • Download (Windows) >>>
    • Download (Linux) >>>

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