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Established in the Philippines in 1999, Ascent Network Solutions, Inc. brings Information Technology and solutions closer to people and organizations in both the local and global markets. This vision is made possible through a strong partnership with global brands sharing the same vision of providing innovative solutions that are practical, enriching and engaging.

Ascent is fully committed to delivering business applications that are effective, customized, and fully-integrated to respond to the profound technological transformations that are changing the business environment, the corporate and education organizations in both the private and public sector. As a service provider, solutions developer and consultant integrated into one, we provide globally-competitive, comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for multi institutions.

We work side-by-side with our clients and partners in developing solutions and implementing changes to help their companies meet today’s, as well as tomorrow’s, business demands. We build long-term relationships with client companies and simultaneously improve their business productivity and enhance their value within their respective industry.

End-to-End Solutions

Over the years, Ascent has established and nurtured partnerships with organizations in incorporating cutting-edge technology and implementing result-oriented and cost-effective solutions covering a wide spectrum of IT needs such as:

  • Educational Interactive Products
  • Complete Education iClassroom Solutions
  • Curriculum Content Development
  • Hardware and Software
  • Multimedia Content Development
  • Education Software Resale

Ascent provides its clients with complete end-to-end customized IT solutions. Our pre-designed packages analyze the needs of the organization and use the most effective suites to adapt with the existing client set-up - creating the Best Solution that addresses precisely every requirement.

Partnership with Educational Institutions

Ascent has always been at the forefront of assessing ways and means to aid in upgrading the Philippine basic education system, with particular emphasis on the application of Information Technology in the academic setting. We aim to serve as a bridge and a catalyst in assisting in the transition of traditional schools to the 21st century system of education, improving the quality and experience of the learner through IT. This is continuously being realized through partnerships with basic and higher education institutions in developing and providing interactive education solutions, classroom management systems, trainings and support initiatives that enable these institutions to utilize fully the power of Information Technology.

Content Development

Ascent maintains a Content Development Division that continuously develops curricula, course materials and training methods. Having its very own research and development unit allows Ascent to achieve higher value inputs in the creation of its education support systems.

The Content Development Division of Ascent develops learning and instructional materials that not only conform to the international standards for ICT studies but also address the need of Philippine schools for higher learning. Ascent continuously develops a comprehensive, flexible and fully-integrated program that allows students of all ages to master effortlessly various industry-relevant technologies through innovative teaching methodologies integrated into the curriculum and deliverables at different levels. The methodology employed allows students to achieve maximum understanding in relation to increasing age and intellectual skills.

Customized Corporate Training

For businesses and corporations to succeed, they need not only a solid IT infrastructure and system in place but also skilled, efficient and productive manpower. People with the right skills and experience ascertain the success of the organization.

Ascent’s trainings are always aligned with the IT skill requirements of industries. It conducts continuous market research to keep abreast of the technologies and skills that are most in demand by leading corporations. Such research is the basis for Ascent’s selection of which career programs to offer.

Ascent’s instructors are educated at academic facilities intended solely for the training of its trainers. All of Ascent’s instructors are required to pass rigid certification requirements prior to being allowed to teach. They are likewise mandated to undergo periodic re-certification as new technologies become available in the market. Ascent instructors are all full-time employees. The inherent undivided attention that they give to the Ascent educational institution reinforces the quality of services that can only be delivered by dedicated professionals.

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