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Secure and Productive BYOD for the Enterprise

Are the consumer devices in your environment exploding? Are your employees bringing their own devices for business? And has mobility become mission-critical rather than just convenient to your business?

With the rapid expansion employee owned (BYOD) and corporate-issued consumer devices in the enterprise, IT has the potential to usher in new levels of user productivity and convenience. Unfortunately, this will also usher in a world where the majority of IT departments will see a three to four-fold increase in the number of end points. This will result in a limited capacity to ensure the consistent enforcement of corporate policy and no possibility of a commensurate IT headcount increase.

Aerohive can help. Our next generation access network can provide the visibility and control to harness the BYOD explosion and reduce the operational costs associated with delivering a secure, high performance, pervasive, and reliable wireless infrastructure.

eBeam Projection Diagram

Aerohive’s Client Health Score makes Wi-Fi client statistics consumable, with Green, Yellow & Red RF health icons for each client, simplifying support.

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